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Enjoy Cycling?


Experienced or Novice


Come and join us…… you won’t regret it!


What we do!

  • Weekly spins, friendly atmosphere to cycle in, with coaching from novice to expert
  • Lots of sportifes over the year
  • Club challenges
  • Club weekend away
  • Christmas party
  • Personal Bests
  • Fitness classes
  • And lots more

 When we do it?

  • Every Sunday morning – Clane GAA
  • And Wednesday evenings in the summer – Clane Church

What should I bring on my first spin?

Cycling helmet (no helmet, no spin)



Inner tube

Glasses (optional)

Gas/ pump


Money for coffee stop


Preparing for my first spin:

Make sure your bike is road worthy - check tyres are pumped to correct pressure, brakes and gears are working, chain is clean and oiled sufficiently, mud guards are mandatory during the winter months.


What are the rules of the Club?

We have a club constitution & charter. These are available under the members section of our website. You will be issued with a password once you join the club.

Where do I get Club gear?

We are lucky to have excellent cycling gear with the club logo available. Clothing orders are placed regularly and we will let everyone know via social media when this is.

What age can you join the club?

We accept young adults from age 16 as long as their parent/ guardian is a member and attends at least 6 initial spins with them. From age 18 they can spin on their own. Our child protection officer is on hand to discuss any concerns.

What happens if I have an accident on a spin?

We have a number of first aiders at the club and a first aid kit on all spins. All accidents are reported to the Club Safety officer. We also insist that all members wear an ICE (in case of emergency) tag on their helmet during spins. These can be ordered through our Safety Officer.

What will happen on my first spin?

Every new member, regardless of cycling experience will join an introductory spin. This is to make sure you are comfortable on a bike, know the rules of the road and how to cycle in a group. Once we are happy you are comfortable with all this you will move in to one of four cycle groups, depending on your ability. Your SAFETY is PARAMOUNT to us!

Do I have to be a member to join Club spins?

You get THREE complimentary spins before deciding if you wish to join our club.  After the third spin you must join our club to continue cycling with us.  This is mainly to make sure you have liability insurance through Cycling Ireland, which is included in your membership fee.

How far do you cycle and at what speed?

This varies each week and depends on what group you are in. Average spins are 50km – 100km with obligatory ‘coffee & cake’ stop halfway around. Spins are announced midweek via social media. Le Tour ave 22 Km/h, Giro/ Transition ave 25 km/h, Le Vuelta ave. 28 Km/h

Who runs the spins?

We have a number of excellent ‘Captains’ who set the route, maintain the pace, and make sure everyone cycles safely.

Can I get involved in the running of the Club?

Absolutely! This is a club run by its elected members. Everyone is welcome to make suggestions. If you want to be more involved then you can put your name forward to be a member of the committee at the AGM each year.

Club Committee

Chairperson: Karen Packer

Secretary: Kieran Mulholland

Treasurer: Sean Crawford

Vice Chairperson/ Clothing Officer: Ed Burke

Child Protection Officer: Lorna Maxwell

First Aid/ Safety Officer: Aidan Mullins

Social Media Officer: Ronan Herron

Captain’s Liaison Officer: JP Holligan

Membership officer: Leo Malone

Alan Donovan


Contact Us

 If you would like more details on taking part then please e-mail;

 Or call Leo Malone 087-6741820